P a t r i c i a

With her enigmatic, highly personal canvases, artist Patricia Moradi Torkan pushes painting into a divine realm.

Born in Iran to a privileged family, at age 10 she left her homeland, unaware she would never return. For the next three decades the very private artist focused on education and her own personal growth, honing a positive philosophy of life and acquiring skills needed to share her unique gift with others. Today her life is filled with her twin passions: being a wife-and-mother and painting her soulful canvases.

Her expressionistic paintings contain written blessings often covered with paint. She believes that if society can send subliminal messages of things we don’t need, might she not send positive messages of hope and joy, beauty and love – as well as other positive intentions into the world through her art? To that end, she puts her heart and soul into every painting. Her intense engagement, in her colorful, complexly layered compositions that teem with underlying images, is evident.

The process begins with up to two hours of meditation-- "to become centered and connected, to quiet myself for what is to come," she says. Canvas is laid on the floor in her studio along with her paints; candles are lit, flowers placed. "When I start, I can't stop," she says by way of explanation--"there's no time to look for something."

She writes an intention on the front of each canvas--a blessing for someone she loves, a request for healing, another for happiness, joy, beauty--then like a whirling dervish dancing to God, she pours her paints with an ecstatic abandon. A myriad of colors mix on canvases that at first glance resemble abstract expressionist art, but later reveal so much more. Water is added--at times, her own tears-- then white paint joins with the colors---"the symbol of God's light," she says. Upon seeing an image that matches her written intention she stops painting and allows the canvas to dry.

Sometimes an image appears in the abstract canvas immediately...a pair of eyes, a mouth, a small bird. Other times, she takes the painting into the house and looks at it for several months before a vision reveals itself. She paints out the hidden pictures in the canvas so that they are visible to everyone who looks for them. "The process never ceases to amaze me," she says," it always feels magical. I see one image and then when the canvas dries, I see something far more beautiful."

When Patricia Torkan paints, she taps into her God-side and a world of mystic ecstasy. "The experience is so beautiful," she says, "it's like praying all day long."

Artist Statement

The power of great art is its ability to influence its viewer. Its ability to make its viewer ponder upon the same question as the artist had when he or she painted the painting.

Art for me is a sense of discovery, a way to question and know myself, the world I live in and the universe in general. I hope you as the viewer get a glimpse of my views of reality in the hope of helping you question, decipher and answer questions that are important in your discovery of yourself and the world which you live in. 

Patricia M. Torkan